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Yoga hardware

With people now considering tiny home and shipping container building projects, I'm reminded of a customer who walked into the store I was managing in 2011. 

In the cramped and eclectic Studio District neighborhood of Toronto, He walked in and asked: "Would you happen to have any pulleys available?". We spent a few minutes scrounging the reclaimed hardware section but there were no pulleys to be found. I gave him directions to a nearby hardware store and as he was leaving I asked "Just curious, what are you doing with the pulleys?" 

"I live in a loft, just up the street and I need more space when I do my Yoga, so I had the idea of mounting cables to my Kitchen table so I can pull it up out of the way and be able to stretch out. Oh and I'm considering adding a light underneath the table so I can better see what I'm doing." He explained. 

His story about the pulleys reflects a big part of my joy of owning a hardware store. Customers bring their solutions, character, and creativity along with the stories behind their projects. :)





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