Things to consider when buying used Kitchen Cabinets

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Things to consider when buying used Kitchen Cabinets

Buying a set of used kitchen cabinets can normally save you hundreds or thousands on your renovation. Along with these savings comes the challenge of making them work in your space. Here are a few things to consider when buying a used kitchen:

  1. Do you have enough to work with? More is always better when working with used cabinets if you have surplus pieces you have more options when doing your layout. Extra pieces can often be cut to create necessary filler strips and end panels where necessary. 
  2. New counter top or used one? Having a gorgeous granite counter top is a wonderful feature but can restrict the layout of the kitchen to the size of the granite. Working with stone isn't at most people's DIY skill level, you need specialized tools and it is extremely messy. 
  3. Updating the colour. If you love the design of the used cabinets you are buying, but not the colour this can be an easy fix. Chalk paint and melamine paint can create a stunning finish on your kitchen cabinet doors. With some chalk paint little to no sanding is required making the process easier. 

Here at Cowboy we are always to help with any questions you may have on choosing and installing used cabinets. 


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